Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Looking Forward...To Everything!

And now it is February. So soon, but I am ready.

I am down almost ten pounds since beginning Vicki's program again and feeling great. Found a great sale today and dropped some coin on a few new duds. I went looking for workout pants and left with a lot more than that (though I found three pairs, so job done). It continues to be a journey, both physical and mental. I swing back and forth between the profound knowledge and understanding I am building about how to properly care for my body and why, and the lull of old, comfortable habits with their equally cozy rationalizations. But when I did cheat and have a little wine, I was amazed at how crummy I felt during my workout the next day. Really. It was two big glasses. Not like I should have had a giant hangover or anything... but in fact it seems that is enough to derail my strength and motivation. So I will continue to stick to the plan for now, and not indulge too frequently. Other little cheats creep in too, but I am staying away from wheat products and most sugars. When I do cheat it is small and the choices are still better than they were when I was off track. You know, fruit instead of cheesecake. That sort of thing. Speaking of which, I can't wait to try this super-simple, healthy banana ice cream my pal Jana posted about (check out her awesome designs too, or just follow her links to the recipe): http://janamadethis.blogspot.ca/2013/02/easy-banana-ice-cream.html?m=1

Now, I realize my posts from last week don't exactly jive with my new cleaner living plan, like even a tiny little bit. However, there are times for indulgence, and the recipes included are actually ones I made and combined in tins as Christmas gifts for my sons' teachers and a few other lucky friends (there was only so much to go around). Since one of them requested the recipes and I had to type them up anyway, I thought I would post them as a start to my recipe collection here. If you like them, you may also enjoy (or, okay, become incomprehensible as you chomp and exclaim your delight simultaneously) the ones I posted on the food page of my old blog:


 As far as recipes go, I am a true collector and inventor. You will be seeing many of my ideas and experiments here as I explore a whole new level of eating clean.

I have a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon this year, which I will keep you apprised of as it unfolds...Firstly, we had an opportunity arise in December and our house has been featured in our local, awesome magazine, YAM (which stands for You And Me)! I had the good fortune of being home to watch our friend, local design god and style editor for YAM, Ivan Meade, and YAM photographer Joshua Lawrence, as they set up, tweaked and photographed our home and made it look amazing. You know that expression, "to be a fly on the wall?" Well, I was, and it was a creative party! A bonus was the citations given to my husband, Tim's contracting company, Horizon, Ivan's business, Meade Design Group, and my dad, Mal Jeffers' artwork - one of my favourite paintings ever. You can read the magazine online at this link - I believe our feature starts on page 23:

Additionally, I have some writing gigs in the works. One of my oldest friends (since kindergarten!), Jill Amery, has asked me to pick up where I left off when things got hectic with our move last winter and write for her website, urbanmommies.com again. This will possibly involve book reviews; I will post links as they come together.

I will also be doing the writing for my husband's company website and Facebook page and will post about that too as it unfolds.

In a couple of weeks I think we will be ready to plant our first full, honest-to-goodness food garden at the new place. It's going to involve a lot of planning and learning and the kids and I will have a blast with it! Pictures for sure.

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