Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome to Sparrow Hill

Here I begin the chronicle of our homestead, which we have just built from the ground up. With our two boys onside and the help of our spectacular natural setting, we endeavour to create a retreat like no other.
As my husband focuses on his work as a contractor, I will take on the development of a bed and breakfast. I am also the at-home parent for our boys and responsible for keeping them smiling - fed, exercised and ready to learn. We also have a large, hilarious, loving extended family (both blood-relatives and adopted), which makes our new space an additional blessing as we have room to accommodate many of them at once. Next Christmas will be a veritable gong show!
Five years ago I had our first son, Griffin. Two years later, Noah arrived. A lot had to go on the back burner for me, creatively speaking. This fall they will both attend school programs and suddenly, I will have bits of time to myself. I will get things done.
Sparrow Hill is in a lush woodland overlooking a lake. There will be a treehouse for the kids. Birdhouses and binoculars. Whimsical signs everywhere. Meandering paths, hiking trails, stargazing hammocks and firepits and sparkling lights strung from the trees. Gardens with things to eat, smell and feast your eyes upon. Guest suites where you can exhale; where it's all been wonderfully left behind. Quiet places to read, nap, paint, write or think. Local foods and those grown onsite - for breakfast, of course! Access to the best wine tastings, mushroom foraging expeditions, art studio tours, cuisine, regional sights and entertainment. To your left is a great horned owl, out for an early evening waddle on our yet-unhardscaped driveway. The wildlife here is awe-inspiring.
Home decor, painting, sewing, crafting, cooking, preserving, bird-watching and writing are all on my list. I am so looking forward to sharing my projects and our lovely place with you. Thanks for reading. If you like what you see, you will have to come and stay with us one day at our bed and breakfast. We hope to be open by summer 2013. Be happy, be kind and remember to pay it forward.