Sunday, September 9, 2012

Onward & Upward

September already! It's an exciting time for us with our oldest, Griffin, starting kindergarten and our little guy Noah attending his new preschool. So far so good; a bit of minor anxiety here and there but we are all adjusting. I got this idea on Pinterest to do an annual first day of school photo and they turned out pretty darn well, I think!

 I am starting to get excited about the things I will be able to finish once our routines are sorted out (this week schedules are wonky as the boys are "phased in" gradually). I want to finish their bedroom, for which I have been collecting stuff for a while. I have beds to paint, a reading nook to buy chairs for, and a play table with some awesome stools going in. I also scored an old school map from the 1960's or thereabouts to put up, a small collection of globes started which I plan to hang in a cluster from the ceiling, and a huge banner from a show of  my late grandfather's journals and drawings of his time as a POW. We also have some great duvet covers with a vintage airplane blueprint pattern, which ties in nicely with the banner. It's going to have a pretty "old school" feel. I am excited to get it completed, and my husband is nervous, to say the least, because my love of thrift store finds frightens his "nicey-nice" taste (that's what I call it. When I'm being nicey-nice). Anyway, it will be fun.

That's just one thing I have to do, but I will post process on all of my projects. Tonight I made a fantastic salad from the "Whitewater Cooks With Friends" book; a gift from my sister in-law. It's the quinoa and chickpea salad with roasted yams. I added a bit of diced tofu for extra protein and omitted the cheese, because my pants are a little snug after a summer of company, noshing and sipping. I also reduced the oil in the dressing by half and it still tasted great. I LOVE this cookbook, and there are two others in the series I will have to get my hands on as well. Also made some curried fig & onion compote from a lovely gift of a flat of figs from one of my husband's clients. And then, blackberry syrup with nutmeg and vanilla from our crop right here at home. Can't wait to give them away with other goodies as hostess and Christmas gifts.


That's it for tonight. Early mornings now with packing snacks and lunches for school and trying to get my boys out the door on time, which is exhausting enough that on their first full days in this coming week (Noah only goes for two and a half hours in the morning, but that's a nice chunk of time), I may have to succumb and take a bloody nap for once!

I still have to sort out my complete techno-challenged self and figure out how to get this blog to show up on a Google search. Once I know that's working I will be posting more frequently. Promise.


Joanne Marie Babalis said...

Hi Sam, Tim, Griffin and Noah,

I'm so happy to read your blog! The boys looked great on their first day! Very grown up...

Looking forward to following all of your special moments!


Joanne Babalis

P.S. Thank you so much for the kind letter! I'm glad that the boys enjoyed the storybooks!

Sam said...

Hi Joanne,
So nice to hear from you and thanks for your comments! We are trucking along here with the many transitions kindergarten brings (as I'm sure you are familiar with!) and enjoying a beautiful west coast fall. I will check in with your blog too to see what's happening with you and your students. Stay in touch!